Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CUBA..the reality

CUBA: the damage

A Catholic school built before the communist revolution.

CUBA...has the change begun?

After 50 years of a failed system communism seems to be slowly compromising with the world reality. The war against Catholicism has ended. This year you may say and celebrate "Merry Christmas". A vibrant faith is emerging from the wreckage of crumbling church buildings. Soon, someone, who somehow has any money might be able to buy a house. A few are now allowed to work for themselves even though they must pay a massive tax for that privilege. 2,900 of the thousands of prisoners will be released from prison, even though very few of the 10 million imprisoned island population are allowed to leave the nation. A trickle of servants are returning to work in the old mansions of Havana which were confiscated by the state after their rightful owners fled to America. The servants now work for government or communist squatters. Like a tree growing from a concrete wall, glimpses of freedom are sprouting. History has proven that the masses demand change not when they are destitute but after they have a taste of a better life, and once that taste is savored there is no force that can stop the appetite.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey England, We're Back!

Pope Benedict XVI and some English priests and seminarians.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catholicism Returns to the Cathedral of York

For the first since Henry VIII stole the cathedral of York from the Catholic church, a Catholic Mass was celebrated this week in the ancient church. When he took the church Henry stripped much of its wealth for his mistress, Anne Boleyn, who processed through it at her wedding, pregnant with the pretender of the throne, the future Elizabeth I. Once queen, Elizabeth vandalized the massive shrine by removing any semblances of Catholicism including defacing the graves of the dead. Now 500 years later, a Roman Catholic High Latin Mass was allowed by the Anglican occupiers in this formerly Catholic cathedral dedicated to St. Peter, the first Pope. 900 attended. Slowly, slowly England drifts back to her mother faith.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New English Priests

About 500 years ago St. Thomas More was executed for remaining loyal to the Pope. The Church of England bishops urged him to spare his life and join them in apostasy. His monies and home were confiscated. He was imprisoned. He died remaining loyal to the King but also the Pope. "I am the King's loyal servant, but God's first" were some of his last words. Today, 50 Church of England priests have left their church to become Roman Catholic priests and are studying for the priesthood on the former site of Thomas More's home. He who laughs last laughs best indeed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cuba 2011

When does "The Revolution" need a revolution? Answer: When the new ruling class becomes as entrenched and self serving as the ruling class it destroyed to achieve power. Today, Cuba needs a new Fidel Castro, only this one must truly love the people and return basic human rights...freedom to assemble, travel, politically choose, worship God, and pursue an economic dream. This new Castro must destroy the aging Communist privileged class that strangles the island nation for their own welfare. The blueprint is given by history. A nation waits. A people so destroyed have little time or energy for a revolution without a leader. This is not middle class Egypt 2011, France 1789, America 1776, or Tunisia 2011. This is China 1949, Russia 1917, Cuba 1959. Cuba needs a new and better Fidel Castro if its torture heroic people are to be rescued. Teddy Roosevelt did it in 1898. We thought Fidel 1 did it in 1959. we were wrong. Cuba waits...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wreckage

How do you begin... what went wrong? How could an institution so strong, so organized, so historic, so moral, so wealthy, so powerful...just collapse? The picture shows all that remains of a Catholic school in modern Cuba. Destruction from outside...Fidel and his communists. Yes the altar boy, Jesuit trained Fidel Castro grew up to all but erase his church from his nation.
Today, another generation of altar boys are erasing Catholicism. This time it is in America. This time it is not a famous dictator, a Catholic kid who turned bad. This time it is the innocent. Holy boys presented to the church by loving trusting parents only to be sexually molested by sick men ordained as priests. Small in number but devastating beyond anticipation these pedophiles and those bishops who protected them are bankrupting the church financially and morally. Once again they reprove the historic fact that real destruction of the church does not come from persecutors but from its own priests. Probably every heresy was begun by a priest. Today, Holy Mother Church bleeds in America but is being reborn in Cuba.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silent Soldiers in The Snow

The sun sets at the monastery on a cold brief Winter day. The bells wait. Like soldiers in the snow they wait to remind us of the glory of the Creator Who is present at all times and in many ways. Soon it will be time for vespers. The bells will call everyone to thank the Creator for another day of life. After vespers the chapel will again be empty. Only the dancing shadows of the vigil light flickering before the icon of the Blessed Virgin remain. Outside, the snow slowly turns from white to blue under the rising moon. The bells stand at attention. So much of the secular world holds no attraction from this peace.