Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wreckage

How do you begin... what went wrong? How could an institution so strong, so organized, so historic, so moral, so wealthy, so powerful...just collapse? The picture shows all that remains of a Catholic school in modern Cuba. Destruction from outside...Fidel and his communists. Yes the altar boy, Jesuit trained Fidel Castro grew up to all but erase his church from his nation.
Today, another generation of altar boys are erasing Catholicism. This time it is in America. This time it is not a famous dictator, a Catholic kid who turned bad. This time it is the innocent. Holy boys presented to the church by loving trusting parents only to be sexually molested by sick men ordained as priests. Small in number but devastating beyond anticipation these pedophiles and those bishops who protected them are bankrupting the church financially and morally. Once again they reprove the historic fact that real destruction of the church does not come from persecutors but from its own priests. Probably every heresy was begun by a priest. Today, Holy Mother Church bleeds in America but is being reborn in Cuba.

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