Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CUBA...has the change begun?

After 50 years of a failed system communism seems to be slowly compromising with the world reality. The war against Catholicism has ended. This year you may say and celebrate "Merry Christmas". A vibrant faith is emerging from the wreckage of crumbling church buildings. Soon, someone, who somehow has any money might be able to buy a house. A few are now allowed to work for themselves even though they must pay a massive tax for that privilege. 2,900 of the thousands of prisoners will be released from prison, even though very few of the 10 million imprisoned island population are allowed to leave the nation. A trickle of servants are returning to work in the old mansions of Havana which were confiscated by the state after their rightful owners fled to America. The servants now work for government or communist squatters. Like a tree growing from a concrete wall, glimpses of freedom are sprouting. History has proven that the masses demand change not when they are destitute but after they have a taste of a better life, and once that taste is savored there is no force that can stop the appetite.

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