Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Traditional Anglican Movement (TAC)

More than likely, 400,000 Anglicans will return to the Roman Catholic church this Spring with their married priests and bishops ending a 450 year separation from the papacy. TAC is a global religious group which left the Anglican Communion after it allowed women to be ordained to the priesthood. If the reunion happens, it will have a powerful impact on both the Anglican Church of England and Catholics. Anglicans, unhappy with their church's acceptance of a female clergy and the active practice of homosexual behavior, but who love their historic English based religious rituals, will have a place to go possibly resulting in a massive migration from the already fragmented Anglican church including its Episcopalian American branch. For Catholics the returning Christians will also have a potentially powerful impact well beyond their 400,000. With married priests and bishops in union with Rome on a global basis a bridge will have been built for all married men to become priests. This right already exists for the Ukrainian rite of the church, but if the Traditional Anglican Community returns to Rome there will be a universal highway to Rome for a married clergy without the Ukrainian language and culture. The Traditional Anglican Community price for reunion will be Roman Catholic acceptance of married priests and bishops.

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